Approaching the Seventies

cute supercarol 69

1968, 1969… I really haven’t the foggiest when I see these pix from my teens? I quite liked my hair like this…. the aftermath of growing out a home perm. Back then fun branded tees were a biggy in fashion:

Mr Freedom Tee from

Mr Freedom Tee from

Mickey Mouse, Superman, Batman, Donald Duck etc… I stole took one of my dad’s Penmans undershirts and with a paint brush and a cup of bleach, I dotted, splashed, drew on it. I was pleased with the results, but the more I wore this tee, the more the bleached designs turned into holes! This might have been a good thing today with the ‘destroyed’ look, but back then it wasn’t so good! Oh yes, I am wearing a ‘man’s’ watch that was on my Christmas list, hipster jeans and an old German leather Belt that my MuM had brought home for my little brother, years ago after a trip to Germany to visit relatives. I am standing on our 23rd floor balcony where we lived in Toronto.


How I could Knit...

technically this shot is from 1969, close enough to the 7Os and of course being 17, I was single… fairisle vests were all the rage in the late 6Os… so I managed to find a vintage pattern leaflet with a couple of knitting patterns for boys jumpers…. My mum taught me how to knit and crochet when I was a little girl, thanks mum!.. come to think of it, we also got taught to knit and embroider  in primary school, at least the rudiments  …. I think most little girls learned how to knit in the 5Os & 6Os.

I think it took me quite a long time to finish it, but voila!!!  This is a photoedit that I posted on Pinteret (how do you link WordPress to Pinterest???) I will post the original colour photo when I find it… oh yes, this was definitely my TWIGGY phase..

Like the stretch lace shirt?

2013... my fairisle vest shrank and felted through the years (46 years YIKES!).  I think my first baby boy might have worn it a bit, but it got too stiff!  so now it is on my big baby Kewpie doll.....

2013... my fairisle vest shrank and felted itself through the years (46 years YIKES!). I think my first baby boy might have worn it a bit, but it got too stiff!  So now it is on my big baby Kewpie doll that I found in the 90s at an odd Oriental shop in Chinatown TO… it was the only one they had…..I had 5 kids at that time, but I secretly bought Kewpie just for me…

Portobello Road Alice mirror

bought this mirror 1976… the mirror shop was on Portobello Road….Ty was with me..  Through the years of kids, the mirror somehow became separated from its frame.  I recently managed to refit it into one of the many old frames I am lucky to own.  I couldn’t find an exact fit, so I had to, as they say, Make Do and Glue and Paint and add beads..