maryliytwigSpotted this pic of Marilyn on Pinterest today! Beautiful, but definitely not a MM look………. looks more like the Twig!  Pinterest search for Twiggy and I find this iconic shot of her…


look familiar!!  Put these 2 photos side-by-side and this is what you get:

martwigThis is no great earthshattering import to anyone of course, but it was a fun ride…  In my opinion who ever did the photoshop editing did a great job!!  As far as I can see only Marylin’s actual face is replacing that of Twiggy to depict a totally new look for  MM… the neck and shoulders, the ears, the hair (of Twiggy) and even the photo border are identical in both photos….


One thought on “pHotoShop-ping Marylin and Twiggy…

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