For the benefit of fellow Brook student nurse, Florence, I am showing this class photo of the student nurses that enrolled at the Brook General School of Nursing in September, 1972.  I am Carol the blond in back row.  A few first names I remember were Diane, Marion, Anne ( a lovely Welsh gal), Naomi, Jasmin, Sue, Jean, Wilma, David, Andrew, Pete and ‘Sprog’brook….  I met a wonderful lot of fellow-student nurses in my one year at the Brook..


4 thoughts on “Brook General Hospital starting class September 1972

  1. Brilliant to see the photo I recognise so many. I went to Kings with Sue G and worked in A & E with her there. The others I particularly remember are Diane and also some of the boys- Mike, Roger and Mike. Who was Sprogg? I will dig out my photos and post them up. Not sure how to do that on this site. And you are from Glasgow? – so am I- arrived in England when I was 10 so mild accent- went back when I was 24 – now in Belfast for the last 6 years.

    • Sue G. was a good friend of mine, but unfortunately I lost track of her years ago. Sprogg was a student nurse whom I met through another student nurse Pete R. These 2 guys were about a year ahead of my class. Sprogg liked to shock!!…. Pete was a really nice guy who was seriously into photography. I was born in a German RAF base, grew up in London, then moved to Glasgow in 1957 until 1967 when my family emigrated to Canada. I had an accent when I arrived in Toronto, but I lost all traces within one year, just like my brother & sister.. Thanks Florence for your nice reply. It is so cool to find someone connected to that year in my life. I never took any pix at the Brook. It would be wonderful to see some of yours…. Are you still in nursing?

  2. Florence dear, this is the SEN’s Batch.. Standing — 1st Right is a JOHN or Mike Finn, 2nd is Roger Rumbelo,4th is Mike Blackstock. 7th is Sue Garret. Sitting 2nd from right Brenda McCauly,3rd. Molly Graham 9nee Ramrasad),6th. is Gertrude (married a Vicar,now in USA)7th is my lovely KIM,next to her 8th is Saw Hoon.
    I do have one of our SRN Batch somewhere in my mess and will lay my hands on it when I am not looking for it.

    • whoaa… you know this class?? Were you in this class? Thanks for budging my memory as to some of my classmates’ names. This was my S(tudent)RN class, or have I gotten my batches (don’t know this term either) mixed up??? Anyway I will print this out and look at my class pic again… best wishes…

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