Big Biba opens, September 10th 1973.

Reblogged from Kasia Charko … the opening of the Big Biba from someone, a very talented artist, who created some classic BiBa graphics and was there before and on the big day …

I just had to add a comment about one of Kasia’s work mates, *Dave, pictured near the end of the above reblog.  I was immediately struck by how another David is (currently) the spitting image of *Dave…

David Walliams looking very similar to Dave from the 70's

David Walliams looking very similar to Dave from the 70’s

Kasia Charko

The Whitmore Thomas design team had to move out of the roof Garden a few weeks before the opening day. We moved to the studio in St Albans Grove around the corner, there was still Biba advertising work to be done and Steve and Tim wanted to move on to other projects too. The cafeteria which had been our drawing office and the Roof Gardens were to be completely renovated and prepared for the opening in the spring of 1974. The cafeteria was to become the Roof Garden restaurant furnished with big peacock chairs and wicker furniture, serving lunches, diners , and cream teas.

The morning Biba opened Iwent to the store by myself before going round to the office. It was a normal working day for the guys and I could not persuade them to join the crowd. These are my impressions of that morning from what I can…

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