Toronto 60's Teens....

My sister and brother, circa 1968/9.
Xtine had a ‘lioness’ cut (cut short on head with long underneath!~ believe me! it definitely was not a mullet, hey! that style had not even been invented yet…LOL!) popular in the late 60s.! She got it cut at the trendiest ‘now’ hairdressers in Toronto: The House Of Lords.  ( I found out recently from one of my sons’ buds, that it still exists as a trendy salon… wow!) She is wearing a black maxi coat (she saved up for this for 6 months) that came down to her ankles, a miniskirt (as usual) and black platform heels

My brother is wearing a very smelly ‘Afghan’ coat, (which is what we called it back then… I think it was actually from Afghanistan!), that he bought for $10 in an Army & Navy store. Xtine attempted to give Ross a ‘Rod Stewart‘ haircut and this, ladies & gents, was the result!!


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