Approaching the Seventies

cute supercarol 69

1968, 1969… I really haven’t the foggiest when I see these pix from my teens? I quite liked my hair like this…. the aftermath of growing out a home perm. Back then fun branded tees were a biggy in fashion:

Mr Freedom Tee from

Mr Freedom Tee from

Mickey Mouse, Superman, Batman, Donald Duck etc… I stole took one of my dad’s Penmans undershirts and with a paint brush and a cup of bleach, I dotted, splashed, drew on it. I was pleased with the results, but the more I wore this tee, the more the bleached designs turned into holes! This might have been a good thing today with the ‘destroyed’ look, but back then it wasn’t so good! Oh yes, I am wearing a ‘man’s’ watch that was on my Christmas list, hipster jeans and an old German leather Belt that my MuM had brought home for my little brother, years ago after a trip to Germany to visit relatives. I am standing on our 23rd floor balcony where we lived in Toronto.


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