the guard at Buckingham Palace


It was a Sunday…….. no work for me, so Ty and I decided to go to the palace.  It was probably January or February as I remember the day being quite cold and grey, and when we arrived there were only a couple of tourists at the gate.  We stood behind the gate and peered at the famous castle (is there a difference between a castle and a palace?).  There was nothing going on in the grounds, save for a single guard with his red jacket, huge black bear hat, and a large rifle tucked under one arm, standing in his sentry.

well hello there...

well hello there…

After a few minutes, that guard, arms still  flat by his side, moved his free hand, and actually made a waving motion!  We looked behind us, the other tourists had left.  Then we looked at each other and burst out laughing.  We started waving back to this brave fella and gave him the thumbs up for his daring break from tradition!  Later we thought, I wonder if he was waving at me, or at Ty, because the urban legend rumours at that time were that (some of) the Queen’s Guard were gay.  No disrespect intended!

What a memorable experience!


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