Buckingham Palace Frizzzies..

Buckingham Palace Frizzzies..

c: 1975    omg…………why, why, why??? those perms…

Here is my dear friend, Di, who came over from TO to visit me.  That awful perm that I have (left) was of course NOT what I wanted.  I looked through the free weekly mag, Miss London that you could pick up in tube stations, for a ‘trendy-type’*salon to freshen up my old perm.  For some reason, I loved perms in the seventies.  My excuse for those perms is that of course my hair was straight, and I had always wanted curly hair…. just like a lot of curly haired folk would like to have straight hair.

I had loved my previous perm (in post) and have no idea why I did not go back to that salon.  I found that trendy*ad for SCISSORS Hairdressing in Chelsea, and thought I’d give them a try!

I know that I asked for loose wavy curls on my shoulder length hair.  Somehow, I ended up with rows and rows of perm rods.  A waiting customer mumbled ‘wow, what’s that gonna look like’? as I sat for what seemed like hours with the stinky perming lotion penetrating into my hair shafts.  When my ‘stylist?’ finally took out the rods, I had a mass of waves alright, but they were neither loose or pretty!  Instead of the oval shape I had asked for, I had a massive triangle of frizz.  The fact that it was a perm on top of a perm on top of bleached hair, you would have thought a decent hairdresser would have advised me to wait.  I hated it.  I asked them If they could layer it a bit,…. but that didn’t make much difference and it was close to closing time, so not much thought or design was put into it…. I am sorry to say that timid me did not outwardly complain that I hated it.

I left the salon, my permed hair still wet, as I had already been there for hours and couldn’t wait to get outta there.  I left a small tip, which I am sure was noted by the ‘stylist’, but fuck you I thought in my head.  Sitting on the tube on the way back home, it was rush hour, and I thought, what must people think?  Most likely nobody cared, but you know how you feel with REALLY BAD hair day!!

I learned to live with it, and had frequent trims……. It took a long time before I could like my hairdo again…


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