Andrew & the carpet bag……

There were a few times, when Ty had come to meet me after work, and we would sup in the Argyle at Oxford Circus, (a stone’s throw from the famous Palladium Theater, I may add – TV memories from my childhood ).  I could never figure out why sometimes Ty could drink and remain relatively civilized, in fact be very personable and downright charming…  He generally got on with any of my JJ friends whom happened to be at the pub.  JJ was certainly not like one big happy family, but generally (as there were about 5 JJ’s in the most lucrative strip of Oxford St) we kind of all knew, or at least knew of, each other!

Once when we and some acquaintances were caught up in conversation in the Argyle, Chaz, a rather flashy guy who worked in a JJ I had never had the pleasure of subbing, and who I really did not know, seemed to be getting on well with Ty.  The next thing I know, Chaz is feeding Ty a sob story about how he had been thrown out of his digs, and Ty is asking me if we should let him stay at Vic Park for a couple of nights??  It’s a big house, what the hell, I had nothing against the guy, and really didn’t care whether he did or not!!  This is definitely not me in general, but the drink was flowing, Ty was in a great mood… no problem I stated.

It was no big deal… Chaz was a perfect house-guest and only stayed one night.

Not long after I had first arrived at Vic Park, I came home from work late in the evening, as I had enjoyed some convivial drinks with my JJ pals.  I was still sleeping in little Timi’s room then.  I was about to go upstairs to the kitchen, when I noticed some groaning sounds coming from ‘my’ room!  It sounded like fucking!!  I approached the room and turned on the light!  There was a man and a woman going at it on ‘my’ bed!!!  My heart fell… I quickly exited the room and made my way to the kitchen on the second floor!  There was Ty, sitting at the kitchen table, supping a beer!!

I actually felt a wave of relief coming over me, when I realized it was not Ty screwing some stranger on ‘my’ bed downstairs.. The next wave to come over me was anger!!!  I voiced to Ty, they’re doing it on my bed!!!  who the hellllll!!!??

Sorry… he said!  It’s Andrew… he and Greta have split up… and he picked up this bird at the pub………..and………..

He was quite soused, but ever so mellow and apologetic…  I was still angry, but had calmed down by the time Andrew came up to the kitchen to apologize to me!  I remember meeting Andrew and Greta at Vic Park a few years ago.  They were friends of Ivy and Ty’s

Andrew was a nice guy, very good-looking too!  He and his wife seemed like a lovely couple when I met them.

I mumbled ‘it’s okay!’…… and off Andrew and his bird went into the night!

Technically, I suppose I was a ‘tenant’ as I was helping with the expenses, but ultimately, the top 3 floors of this council house were Ty’s concern… it was all very mixed up …………  I changed my bedding and tried to sleep!

Another interesting thing happened a few weeks after this incident!  Ty gave me a couple of lovely items……. a beautiful carpet bag, I think of it as a carpet bag, but it was actually soft woven patterns….maybe I should have called it a tapestry bag?… lined with dark blue cotton with small palm trees printed all over (I still love anything tropical) , small enough to use everyday… I can’t remember the other things, but they were lovely too!… just my style..  The very next day, Ty was angry about something!!!  He told me that Andrew had come to see him to tell him that Greta was calling the police as he had stolen some of her belongings!!? Ty’s version was that Andrew had told him he was clearing out their matrimonial home, and would Ty like to help?  Ty had agreed and in the process he had believed that a certain big pile of stuff was headed for the bin…  He  had sweetly thought of me as he picked up a few pretty things.

Who knows where the truth lies… but Ty swore to me that he hadn’t stolen a thing!  I quickly gathered up those little things and told Ty that he should return them to Andrew, regardless of what happened…………. Ty said it would blow over……and nothing more was heard, that I know of, from Andrew or Greta.

I kept that lovely bag and altered it into a shoulder bag which I used frequently through the years. I also turned it inside out sometimes, so I either had a tapestry or a tropical print bag.   In fact that bag ended up on the back of an umbroller stroller that I used for my 5th child in the 9O’s.  I then bought a yard or so of a strong ‘duck’ cotton with a marvelous blue & green leafy print and hand sewed it to the front of the umbroller and stitched another swatch to my ‘tapestry’ bag that hung perfectly from the handles et voila a unique umbroller with a matching storage bag…

If it was stolen, I am very sorry Greta..


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