Angel, Islington

It had started out as a pretty good day off!  Ty and I decided that we would go to Islington to look up an old pal of his!  I don’t recall much about the pal, except the 3 of us ended up in a pub in the Angel area.  We were supping and chatting… I didn’t quite notice the danger signs that Ty was getting too drunk ….. the kind of drunk where he would slip into a mean personna and then become paranoid!  Paranoid that those 3 guys over there were staring at him! … or that couple in the corner were whispering about him..  It only takes an instant in this mode, for another paranoid drunk in the pub to see a guy like Ty lookin at him & then all hell breaks loose!!!  Tables are being upturned, chairs are being tossed, and glasses and bottles are falling to the ground in a million shattered pieces….


Knowing that I can do nothing, I leave…. been here before…. anything I say or do is like spitting into a gust of wind…..  I make my way to the bus stop.  It doesn’t take long until the pub fight flows into the street… i.e. the owner is chucking Ty and the other drunks out of the pub……….  Ty staggers my way.. the bus comes, it is quite crowded, I climb to the upper deck where there are only a couple of empty seats… I sit, only to hear Ty coming up the winding stairs…  He sits in a vacant seat a distance away from me…. then it comes ~ he is slagging me off!  I really cannot remember the crap that comes out of his mouth, but I am mortified & so embarrassed… Off the bus I go, hoping that he stays on… Luckily he does..

Sometime later I arrive back at Vic Park………….. All is quiet!  I go upstairs… I find Ty passed out on the bed..

The next morning for him, it is like nothing ever happened the night before!!

How stupid, how ridiculous am I???  Still obsessed by this man, I hang on for another couple of months, living with a sweet, loving man one day, and a drunken monster the next week, his disappearing for a day or two…

What can I say???


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