working mans lunch in Soho

movies…here’s another one for the books……….The Man Who Fell To Earth.

In 1976 I was working at Jean Junction and one day someone came in offering free tickets to a movie preview screening at Leicester Square.  I like movies and could not much afford to go to cinemas at that time, so I gratefully accepted a couple of tickets.


I loved Blade Runner and knew this movie was also directed by him and it was starring David Bowie who I also loved.  The preview was at 10:OO am in the morning!  So Ty and I dutifully made it down to the ____ on time and took our seats.  It was a full house.

I remember Candy Clarke and Rip Torn were also in the film.  It was a sci fi flick about an alien(Bowie) who fell to earth.  I think his planet was drying up and he was looking for a new home for his family and perhaps the rest of his people too.  Clarke and Torn made it quirky.  I don’t recall much excitement about the acting abilities of Bowie, but we did enjoy the movie and especially appreciated that it was free.

When the movie ended, Tony decided that we should go to Lee Ho Fooks in SoHo (the restaurant sung about in Werewolf in London by ?Waylon Jennings?) for a Chinese working mans’ dinner.  Pork, Duck and Rice –substantial and probably the cheapest meal on the menu.

lee ho

It was noon when we stepped outside.  What a shock we got when we saw that the sky had ominously clouded over with thick black clouds making it quite dark. We found our way to pork, duck and rice place, expecting the heavens to open at any time.  Ty waxed about something big about to happen because of the strange light this day.

Anyway, we had a lovely lunch and made our way to the underground to go home.  Then we saw the big news plastered over the newspaper vendor’s outside stands:  Harold Wilson resigns as PM.

Did he deserve the dark light of day, I don’t know, but his news I guess was big enough to change history in some way.

Hey, I did make an effort to watch The Man Who Fell To Earth when it was on a late show on TV some years ago.  Oh dear, it did not stand the test of time at all.  It looked so hokey, sorry to say….I did not even watch it to the end, as my kids scoffed and laughed…


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