memories makeup & mags

Miners kajal, Aqua Manda, Top Shop, Honey and 19

A few staples of my teens and early twenties.  Long straight blonde hair, sometimes with hints of dark roots, pretty face always with make-up.  I love make-up.  I love buying it, putting it on, experimenting, buying the newest and the latest.

When I worked in Jean Junction in the mid 70’s, I decided to try kajal, kohl.  It was trendy back in that inch of time.  I bought a pot of Miner’s kajal from Boots.   I put my pinkie in the little green pot of blackness and carefully smoothed it on the lower rims of my eyes.  I loved the look.  Dark eyes, where the bottom mascara’d lashes blended into the blackness of the rims of my eyes and looked thick and luscious.

Aqua Manda was a citrusy inexpensive scent by Coty that I fell in love with in the early 70’s.  I was looking at an old Brit mag a while ago and saw the dated ad for Aqua Manda.  It was a graphic of a swinging young lady who was caught up in the graphic waves of fragrance wafting up from that brown bottle.  It looked very psychedelic.  I had forgotten all about Aqua Manda for many years until I saw that ad and the scent and flavour of that time came flooding back to me.

I was about 13 or 14 when I discovered the Honey mag and then the 19.  I absolutely loved the fashion layouts and the fantastic gear that the trendy 60’s models were decked out in.  There was Twiggy and I loved Grace Coddington’s shorn locks in one layout.  I got my hair cut very short like hers (or was it Mia Farrow?).  I had dyed my hair at 14, much to my mother’s chagrin.  I knew that I had to be a blonde, especially when I so totally adored the gorgeously large limpid eyes and hair of Twiggy.  I was still living in Glasgow at this time and had fallen in love with Vogue.  It was even more far out than my 19’s and Honeys.  In the British Vogue I got to know Penelope Tree, Ingrid Boulting (or Brett), Peggy Moffit, La Shrimpe, Marissa Berenson, Jane Birkin, David Bailey, Patti Boyd.  That pic of Grace Coddington who I discovered a while back is now a big wig at either the US or Uk Vogue, with the shorn brown hair [a la Mia Farrow when she (God knows why) married Sinatra when she was 21 and he was, well  probably younger that I am now, but I of course was totally grossed out, yech..] was in the UKVogue in 1966.  Grace was wearing a short sleeved orange twin set.  Twin sets had become trendy.  So I had the hair, and then I knitted the short sleeved orange twin set.  Alas, I used double knitting and wearing the cardy on top of the sleeveless sheath was way too bulky, not to mention too hot to wear!  I tried though, huh.

When we emigrated to Canada, I was totally miserable and felt so uprooted.  I also thought that the fashions here were behind and boring.  I quickly bought the venerable US fashion for youth mag 17 not long after I disembarked and thought the fashions were atrocious.  The best thing about that copy I bought was Twiggy on the cover wearing a pink mini coat!  Luckily for me I found some stores actually carried ‘foreign’ mags and I often lucked out to find both the Honey and the 19 which I followed avidly for many years, probably until my returns to London.  Best of all, I could buy the British Vogue also.  Those were my fashion bibles.

The best known department store in Canada I learned quickly was Eatons.  That is where I found the mags and a year or so later, they had the great sense to open up a little Miss Selfridge boutique in the junior fashion department.  I checked out Miss Selfridge frequently and loved their stuff.  My sis and I each bought a simple cotton bikini there.  Her’s was red and mine was pink.  I also bought this wonderful white and lime striped cotton green short cross-over top that tied at the side and had bell shaped elbow length sleeves… very Honey and 19.   I was totally loyal to Brit fashion…

Just a bit of what comes to mind about two of my loves, fashion and makeup….

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