Be still my beating heart…..

love at first sight
One night a visit to Ty’s house (my first visit in 1970) resulted in me and companions sleeping over due to the late hour and probably the lush imbibing of much alcohol.  I remember I slept in a big bed in a big, cold, immensely chaotic, messy room.  I seem to recall that one or both of the kinder were sleeping there too.  I recall the faint odour of kiddy poop, probably poor little K had done one.  I was mostly clothed because it was so fucking cold and of course there was absolutely no central heating in that council house on Vic Park Road.  I slept fitfully, but hey, yeah, I do remember, HE did come into the room at some point, probably on the pretext of looking in on his kids.  Ahh, he sat on the bed, (and I pretended I was still sleeping, with my heart going boom, boom, boom), and he stroked my forehead and then my cheek and I thought I was going to go insane because the man that I fell for the instant that I first laid eyes on him, was obviously more than just thinking of me…………

No, I did not jump up and say fuck me………I just continued ‘sleeping’ and I guess he left, but God, more fuel was added to my fires for Ty…………

Interestingly enough, reading this again after I wrote it about 6 years ago, and lived it 43 (OMG) years ago… I can still feel that excitement, which may have been the most thrilling moments that I have had that I remember… !! Lust & Adoration…

1.4.06 13:04

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