when self-confidence won over self-conciousness… a few glorious hours

7.3.04 09:18

my most beautiful day…

Summer, 1975

I don’t remember how long it was before I contacted Ty again.  Of course, I was totally disconsolate and devastated without him, so it was only a matter of time that I would test the waters again…

I had made an appointment on my day off from JJ to get my long straight hair made over.  I picked a very cool looking hair salon on the Kings Road in Chelsea.  I don’t remember the name.  I decided that I wanted a more edgy look from my long (dyed) blonde hair.  There was this gorgeous model featured often in a free weekly publication called ‘Miss London’ that I picked up on the tube, who was blonde and had a kind of shaggy, permy, tousled, messy, ‘just out of bed’ look to her blonde hair that I adored.  her name I discovered a while back thanks to the modern miracle of google!…….——–

I took a pic of this gorgeous bird with me and presented it to the male hairdresser, who was definitely NOT gay!

He permed my locks and worked on my cut for hours!!!  In the end I absolutely loved the cut he gave me.  He flattered me to the hilt and ironically, he commented that I walked like a model!!!  I don’t know what he was on!!, but honestly, I don’t think he noticed that I had the dastardly limp!!!

I think my appointment was booked for 2 or 3 pm.  I did not leave until after the salon was closed and it was close to 7 in the evening.  No matter, because I do believe that he gave me the best hairdo of MY LIFE!   I literally felt like a million bucks when I left the salon (and all the wonderful Kings Road boutiques were closed)!

Was it because I felt so confident in the way I looked?  I don’t know, but I was sitting in the top deck of the bus, and guys were waving at me from the street, and beeping at me when I got off the friggin’ bus!!  [believe me, I know that I am a good looking broad, but with all my baggage, I would not lie about the aforementioned statement!!!]

I must have planned a meeting with Ty because I know that with my beautiful new barnet,  I was headed back for a visit to Hackney.  I even stopped off at the local Chinese take-a-way on Victoria Park Road and bought food for us.

Tony was great when I arrived, he was clean sober,… really ecstatic to see me (or else he was just so lonely, but we had developed a bond , fwb??)….and that crazy woman and her kid were no longer living there!!  God knows what had transpired in my absence, but I was glad that I missed the whole shitting mess!!

Ty on the wagon, by design or just a coincidence, or maybe he had no spondoolies to buy booze, who knows, but he was the sweet guy that I loved (yes I did love him so much).  He was so appreciative of the Chinese nosh and he loved, LOVED! my hair!! Since I first clapped eyes on Ty, I loved his sense of style, we had that and a fair bit in common, except for the jazz music he loved – me -no way!…. I knew that I looked great, and that he appreciated a stylish woman.

Needless to say, it was not too long after that, despite my good intentions to remain independent, I moved back in…

AND it did not take too long for me to remember that old saying, it’s true what they say…you cant go back….

I kinda figured that, but my longing heart won over reason!!

But on that particular day, for a few wonderful hours, I was beautiful and I felt it to the core of my being, and I believe that on that magical day I beat the curse of my dastardly leg!!


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