my emerging style & some recent reflection

Miners kajal, Aqua Manda, Top Shop, Honey and 19

A few staples of my teens and early twenties.  Long straight blonde hair, sometimes with hints of dark roots, pretty face always with make-up.  I love make-up.  I love buying it, putting it on, experimenting, buying the newest and the latest.

When I worked in Jean Junction in the mid 70’s, I decided to try kajal, kohl.  It was trendy back in that inch of time.  I bought a pot of Miner’s kajal from Boots.   I put my pinkie in the little green pot of blackness and carefully smoothed it on the lower rims of my eyes.  I loved the look.  Dark eyes, where the bottom mascara’d lashes blended into the blackness of the rims of my eyes and looked thick and luscious.  Of course progress produced kohl eye pencils in more colours and greater ease in application.  I’ve tried many.

les yeuxdeux

not too bad lookin for a 55 year old?

[Recently (this entire post was originally written in 2006) that pot of Miner’s kajal came to mind, don’t really know why, perhaps just some nostalgia.  I still have lots of eye pencils but none really seemed to be soft enough.  Imagine my surprise when recently browsing through the walls of make-up in my local Walymart I came across the words kajal and kohl.  Interestingly enough, the coincidence lay in the fact that I was looking at that ‘woolies’ UK line Rimmel.  I tested this eye pencil on my hand and it was soft and black like it should glide on easily and hey it came in black brown and grey and only cost about 4 bucks and when I tried it at home, I was pleased with the look.No I know I am not 20 anymore, but I still think it looks goodand my sons did not object to my look.  I have asked my sons to please tell me if they ever think I look like mutton dressed as lamb, or put plainly, do I look like I am trying to dress too young…………… far so good……..]

Aqua Manda was a citrusy inexpensive scent by Coty that I fell in love with in the early 70’s.  I was looking at an old Brit mag a while ago and saw the dated ad for Aqua Manda.  It was a graphic of a swinging young lady who was caught up in the graphic waves of fragrance wafting up from that brown bottle.  It looked very psychedelic.  I had forgotten all about Aqua Manda for many years until I saw that ad and the scent and flavour of that time came flooding back to me.

I was about 13 or 14 when I discovered the Honey mag and then the 19.  I absolutely loved the fashion layouts and the fantastic gear that the trendy 60’s models were decked out in.  There was Twiggy and I loved Grace Coddington’s shorn locks in one layout.  I got my hair cut very short like hers.  I had dyed my hair at 14, much to my mother’s chagrin.  I knew that I had to be a blonde, especially when I so totally adored the gorgeously large limpid eyes and hair of Twiggy.  I was still living in Glasgow at this time and had fallen in love with Vogue.  It was even more far out than my 19’s and Honeys.  In the British Vogue I got to know Penelope Tree, Ingrid Boulting , Peggy Moffit, La Shrimpe, Marissa Berenson, Jane Birkin, David Bailey, Patti Boyd.  That pic of Grace Coddington gracecwho I discovered a while back is now a big wig at US Vogue, with the shorn brown hair [a la Mia twigsFarrow when she (God knows why) married Sinatra when she was 21 and he was, well  probably younger that I am now, but I of course was totally grossed out, yech..] was in the UK Vogue in 1966.  Grace was wearing a short sleeved orange twin set. Another inset showed Twiggy wearing a scalloped tee.


woohoo.. here we are all together…lol

Twin sets had become trendy.  So I had the hair, and then I knitted the short sleeved orange twin set.  Alas, I used double knitting and wearing the cardy on top of the sleeveless sheath was way too bulky, not to mention too hot to wear!  I tried though, huh?

When we emigrated to Canada, I was totally miserable and felt so uprooted.  I also thought that the fashions here were behind and boring.  I quickly bought the venerable US fashion for youth mag 17 not long after I disembarked and thought the fashions were yuch!.  The best thing about that copy I bought was Twiggy on the cover wearing a pink mini coatdress!  Luckily for me I later found some stores actually carried ‘foreign’ mags and I often lucked out to find both the Honey and the 19 which I followed avidly for many years, probably until my returns to London.  Best of all, I could buy the British Vogue also.  Those were my fashion bibles


The best known department store in Canada I learned quickly was Eatons.  That is where I found the mags and a year or so later, they had the great sense to open up a little Miss Selfridge boutique in the junior fashion department.  I checked out Miss Selfridge frequently and loved their stuff.  My sis and I each bought a simple cotton bikini there.  Her’s was red and mine was pink.  I also bought this wonderful white and lime striped cotton green short cross-over top that tied at the side and had bell shaped elbow length sleeves… very Honey and 19.   I was totally loyal to Brit fashion…

Just a bit of what comes to mind about two of my loves, fashion and makeup….


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